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Tips for keeping Your Teeth Healthy During the Holiday Season

At our dental facility, we know that many of our patients develop problems with their teeth during the holidays. It is possible to prevent these problems by following certain guidelines. Follow these recommendations this holiday season to avoid tooth decay, gingivitis and bad breath.

Buy a New Toothbrush Before the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to buy a new toothbrush to remove food debris from your mouth to avoid developing cavities from sugary treats such as Christmas cookies. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day, but if you can brush more often than that, then it is a good way to prevent oral cavity problems.

Carry Dental Floss With You

Buy a plastic container of dental floss to carry with you this holiday season. If you are eating tasty holiday treats at a party, then you can floss your teeth in a restroom to remove the food particles that stick between your teeth and along the gums.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is high in sugar, and beverages such as red wine will stain the dental enamel on your teeth. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and if you do drink an alcoholic beverage, then brush your teeth right away.

Use Caution While Eating Nuts

If you eat plain nuts or treats that contain nuts, then you risk chipping a tooth with the hard items. In some cases, a nut’s shell is accidentally mixed in with treats such as pecan pie or fudge.

Stop Smoking Cigarettes

The nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes will stain your teeth, and you will also develop halitosis that is difficult to get rid of with brushing or flossing. In addition, smoking causes inflammation in the soft tissues of your mouth, leading to gum disease.

Don’t Chew Ice Cubes

While going to holiday parties and dinners, you might have more soft drinks or ice tea than normal, but don’t chew the ice cubes in your beverages because the cold hard pieces can damage the enamel on your teeth.

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