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Dentures Specialist

A leader in dental care in East Palo Alto, CA, Palo Alto Dental Spa provides comfortable, natural-looking dentures, including immediate "same day" dentures, for patients.

Dentures Q&A

What are immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures are dentures that are crafted before your teeth are removed so that they are ready to be worn as soon as your teeth are extracted. With conventional dentures, there is normally a need to wait for several weeks while your gums heal before the dentures are fitted to your mouth, which means you are without teeth for that period. Immediate dentures mean you will have teeth right away, but you will need to return for follow-up visits to have your dentures re-fitted once the gums heal.

What if I'm only missing a few teeth? Can I still get dentures, or will I need a bridge?

No, if you're only missing a few teeth, or even just one, you can receive a partial denture that replaces just those teeth.

How should I care for my dentures?

Dentures need regular care just like your teeth. They should be cleaned every morning and again at night and placed in solution when they are not being worn to keep them wet. You still need to see the dentist on a regular basis to have your gums checked and for regular oral care and screening. Be sure to bring your dentures so they can be adjusted if needed.

How long will it be before my dentures feel comfortable?

At first, your dentures may feel bulky or loose. Some people feel their teeth are protruding. These are all common sensations that resolve once your mouth get used to the way the dentures feel. To become comfortable, it's important to wear your dentures as much as possible during the “breaking in” period; you might even want to practice reading out loud to improve the way you feel while speaking. Most people feel more comfortable wearing their dentures after a few weeks. If you have sore spots or your dentures feel loose, your dentist can easily make an adjustment.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept most PPOs/Premier dental insurance and dental plans, including Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, and MetLife.

Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance or benefits provider listed.

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