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Filling in the gap caused by missing teeth restores your smile and enhances your appearance. A dental bridge does this beautifully. Once the bridge is seated in place, you can smile again with confidence and joy. Now that you have your beautiful smile back, you need to take diligent care of it.

Your Dental Bridge Requires Special Care

Chances are you already have good oral hygiene habits. It is rare for a dentist to advise a patient to get a bridge if that patient does not take care of their teeth. To keep the bridge viable, good oral hygiene must be maintained.

Your dentist or the dental hygienist will walk you through the proper procedures for keeping your bridge clean and the area around it healthy. They will also tell you what instruments are best for cleaning your bridge.

A Little More Than Brushing and Flossing

You are going to maintain your routine of brushing and flossing your teeth. Additionally, you will do some extra flossing underneath and around your bridge to keep plaque from building up. This added step in your oral hygiene routine will keep the gums beneath your bridge healthy and the abutment teeth on which the bridge sits free from the plaque which could cause gingivitis.

Vulnerable Areas

The reason why it is not enough to just brush and floss as usual is that you will miss areas on both teeth supporting the bridge. The sides of the teeth that face the bridge are very vulnerable. Food is going to get trapped under the artificial teeth (pontics) and food debris along with bacteria will cause plaque to build up around the gum line of the teeth in these areas. If it is not cleaned carefully, gingivitis can begin or/and cavities can develop.

Regular Checkups for Bridge Health

Along with good oral hygiene and paying attention to the bridge area, it is important that you keep your appointments with the dentist for regular checkups. Your dentist will check the area around the bridge to make sure it is in healthy shape.

A professional cleaning will ensure that plaque buildup will not occur. The hygienist has special tools that can remove plaque from those difficult to reach areas. With excellent home care and regular professional care, your dental bridge should last for years to come.

Palo Alto Dental Spa is the place to go for excellence in dental care. Whether you are considering getting a dental bridge or you already have one, you can count on us to help you keep it healthy and intact for a long time.

Schedule your appointment for a dental examination with us today either online or calling us at 650-321-6911.

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